November 2022

  • Supply Chain Management News
  • Supply Chain Management News
Vizient expands EPS portfolio to help reduce carbon intensity of built environments
It’s crucial— particularly for hospitals, which should be seen as safe havens — that the products used in facilities and construction are manufactured with a focus on sustainability. As long-term assets, it’s essential to consider how these materials perfo...
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Predicting Healthcare’s Greatest Needs is the Goal at Vizient’s Innovative Technology Exchange
Each year, the event offers selected suppliers the unique opportunity to demonstrate their devices and services to supply chain and clinical leaders from Vizient’s member hospitals, as well as subject matter experts who serve on discipline specific Vizient...
  • Supply Chain Management News
Transparency Trumpeted as Key to Supply Resiliency
As health systems continue to grapple with the appropriate amount of inventory and its associated costs, sharing information has emerged as perhaps the most important strategy for adaptability.
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Pharmacy Enterprise Dedicated Resources Provide Cost Savings and Collaboration for Providers
What started as a concept on the back of a napkin has grown into a full-fledged dedicated resource program geared towards helping providers enhance their pharmaceutical enterprise.
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Service Line Networks to Help Strengthen Members’ Stronghold in the Market
The Vizient Performance Improvement team is developing three new specialty service line networks in cancer, cardiovascular and neurosciences to help providers enhance their performance.
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