PPE Safety Stock Planning: Prepare Now for Future Supply Disruption


Though your organization may still be in the response or recovery stage of COVID-19, it’s never too early to begin thinking about the future.


Minimize Increasing the Wave to Better Manage COVID-19 Equipment and Supplies


COVID-19 has increased uncertain demand patterns at the hospital level for PPE. Improving supply chain visibility and communication can help mitigate inventory fluctuations.


3 Tips to Tame the Tug of War Between Supply Chain and Nursing


In the hospital setting, it’s not uncommon to find differing opinions between supply chain and nursing. Learn three things supply chain professionals can implement right now to improve clinician relationships.


3 Steps to Procure-to-Pay Efficiency That Are Worth the Effort


In health care supply chain, there are often discussions about procure-to-pay and the benefits that can be gained with the integration of procurement and accounts payable. A streamlined P2P process eliminates the negative downstream effects that drain opportunities to reduce costs and build value.


Clinical-Supply Integration: What Does It Mean Post-COVID?

Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, how do we incorporate all of the lessons learned? How do we forecast the new normal? What path or template will help health care systems and hospitals sequence decisions and guide change?  More

A Fine Engagement: 4 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Next Consulting Experience

“Lose the ties,” was the first thing the VP (let’s call him Dave) said as he warmly greeted our team. It was not yet 6 in the morning and we had just run (literally) into the lobby after receiving a 5 a.m. text message saying that the presentation would start a full hour earlier.  More

When It Comes to Preventing Data Breaches, Keep These Main Facts in Mind

Thanks to advances in technology, patients have access to more effective treatment options, caregivers have access to tools that allow for greater efficiency and researchers have access to data that helps fight disease.  More

Lessons Learned From Launching a New Hospital Information System

Like the human heart, a hospital's information system provides a vital function: every beat transmitting important messages along one of the many integrated pathways in a synchronized operation.  More

Plant-Forward Movement Gives Hospitals Something to Chew On

As an executive in the hospital food services industry, I've had many folks tell me they are having a difficult time wrapping their heads around the "plant-forward" movement. Is it vegan? Vegetarian? Flexitarian? More

The Road to Payment Reform: A Guide to PAMA Compliance for Advanced Imaging

Overuse of advanced imaging modalities has been scrutinized by policymakers as a factor contributing to unsustainable levels of health care spending in our nation. That scrutiny was the driving force behind the passage of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA). This federal law includes a CMS mandate that ordering physicians consult Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) using a qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM) when ordering advanced imaging procedures such as CT, MRI... More