September 2023

  • Clinical & Care Delivery News
  • Clinical & Care Delivery News
Beacon of Hope and Inspiration: Supporting New-to-Practice Nurses
A guiding light, the Vizient/American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Nurse Residency Program™ helps healthcare organizations during stormy times successfully transition new nurses from academics to the practice setting and beyond.
  • Clinical & Care Delivery News
How Hospitals Are Striking a Balance Between the Bottom Line and Better Care
In a new white paper, Vizient Senior Principals Angela Hunt and Rick May outline strategies for hospitals to implement a total quality program to increase revenue and reduce costs, while also enhancing the provider and patient experience.
  • Clinical
Beyond the Buzz: A Roadmap to Responsible AI Implementation in Healthcare
Artificial intelligence is reshaping healthcare, and it's crucial that we navigate this transformation responsibly. Vizient CEO Byron Jobe discusses how healthcare organizations can take steps to adopt these solutions effectively and ethically.
  • Pharmacy
  • Supply Chain
The Source of Truth: A Pharmacy Buyer’s Drug Shortage List
Drug shortages and their management have become a major focus of pharmacy staff within hospitals and health systems, which is why maintaining an institution-specific drug shortage list may be critical.
  • Clinical & Care Delivery News
AI, Tech Advancements Could Improve Outcomes for Lung Cancer, Peripheral Neuropathy
Vizient’s latest Medical Device Tech Watch explores a variety of topics including how enhanced care pathways plus modern technology adoption leads to earlier detection for lung cancer and better treatment for diabetic neuropathy. Tech Watch empowers provi...
  • Clinical & Care Delivery News
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