The Chicken and the Egg: The Connection Between Health Literacy and Health Equity


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is a long-debated question for which there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer. You cannot have one without the other. So why not consider the chicken and the egg? In health care, a similar analogy can be used for health literacy and health equity as related concepts. 


Beyond Leadership: Five Factors to Sustaining Health Care Improvement


Many health care organizations can achieve top performance across multiple domains for a short period of time. However, sustaining those achievements year after year has often proven elusive. For the past 15 years, Vizient has evaluated the performance achievements of academic medical centers in Vizient’s Quality and Accountability ranking and compared the practices of consistent top performers with those of peer institutions with less consistent success. Here's what we learned.


Strategies to leverage health care purchasing power toward sustainability and a healthier future


By consistently scrutinizing social and environmental impact in all purchasing decisions, health care organizations can leverage their total purchasing power to influence suppliers and vendors to lower their carbon emissions, use safer chemicals, reduce waste, and also improve diversity and social responsibility.


Maslow’s Hammer and Health Care Prices


Has our trust in the market to govern the distribution of health care services and to establish rational, sustainable prices may have been misplaced or might the market be the wrong tool for the job?


Three Steps to Navigate the Perfect Storm of Clinical Workforce Shortages


The current workforce shortage may feel familiar, but that doesn’t mean answers are easy or obvious. Navigating the storm requires a comprehensive approach with a long-term mindset around three main components: Recruit, Retain, Reimagine. 




Building a Healthier Future: The Intersection of Healthcare Design and Climate


Hospitals can play an important role in reducing the future impacts of climate change through more sustainable planning, design and construction. It requires prioritizing using carbon capture products and working with net zero manufacturers, adding electric vehicles to the fleet and incentivizing employees to transition to electric vehicles. As thought leaders, we must boldly invest in climate-resilient design with health equity at the center.


Creating the Optimal Environment for Clinical Team Success


You may have whiplash from the wide array of headlines about the clinical workforce over the past 18 months. It seems like every day we hear of the challenges clinicians face—lack of alignment and engagement with hospital and health system strategy and goals, well-being and burnout issues from the demands of professional duties and the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment with health information technology as the platform. These are just a few areas where we need to help clinicians achieve success while managing the demands of practice. An effective clinician onboarding program can help ensure clinician well-being and engagement throughout their career—including times of immense stress.


The New Public Health Imperative for Hospitals


Hospitals have always been the organizations that truly matter when it comes to healthcare delivery. And now, highlighted by COVID, hospitals have become the organizations that truly matter when it comes to public health. Moving forward, hospitals will be asked by communities across the country to be the organizations that deal with a broader set of national problems related to the well-being of patients and communities.


AI, Breast Cancer, and a New Mindset for Healthcare


AI is a new idea, one that even data experts don’t fully understand. It requires big data, expertise, resources and a new view of the role healthcare plays in improving health and preventing disease.


The War of Our Lifetime


The COVID-19 pandemic will likely have a lifelong emotional impact on the generations who live through it. This blog post is tribute to health care workers and a rallying cry for what lies ahead.