“The exchange is a unique, no-cost educational opportunity that enables clinicians, pharmacists, sourcing executives and service-line leaders at member organizations to identify innovative solutions that address the unique needs of their organization.” — Olya Carter, Vizient senior compliance manager

From 3D printed implants for correcting skull defects to a wound care solution that uses the patient’s own blood, new technologies are forging paths to improve clinical care, lower costs and conserve vital health system resources. However, keeping up with and vetting the broad array of new products, devices and equipment is time consuming and difficult.

During September 21-23, Vizient’s 2021 Innovative Technology Exchange will bring 38 of the latest health care technologies across medical specialties to members in an online exhibit hall. Additionally, attendees will be able to interact with 12 suppliers who offer products ranging from anesthesia masks and circuits to isolation gowns that are completely made in the USA. Online registration is now open.

“We had more than 100 applicants for this year’s event. The products chosen cover a wide range of solutions, from small devices and products to larger diagnostic imaging and capital equipment,” says Olya Carter, Vizient senior compliance manager. “The exchange is a unique educational opportunity that enables clinicians, pharmacists, sourcing executives and service-line leaders at member organizations to identify innovative solutions that address the unique needs of their organization.” Carter adds that although the innovative technologies showcased at the event are not yet on Vizient contract member opinions are key to determining their addition to contract.

The virtual format allows members to access the online exhibit hall 24 hours a day during September 21-23, visiting booths of their choice at their own pace to understand each solution. Members will get a bird’s eye view into the latest technologies and innovative products through presentations, videos and supporting clinical studies. Members who are interested in a deeper dive with specific products can set up individual meetings with suppliers and can schedule a time to chat with a supplier during designated times during the event.

There’s also no cost and no limit to the number of people from an organization who can attend the technology exchange. “It’s a great time for teams from hospitals to attend to evaluate the latest technologies,” said Debbie Archer, Vizient procurement compliance director.

Diverse products across multiple categories

Products selected for the technology exchange are grouped by category or “neighborhood,” allowing members to easily identify the categories of products and solutions of interest. And to support members' sustainability initiatives, Vizient’s Environmentally Preferred Sourcing team has made it easy to identify products that meet pre-defined environmentally preferred criteria.

“Throughout the pandemic, members were dealing with numerous challenges, including conserving scarce personal protective equipment and protecting themselves, patients and families from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19,” says Carter. “Many of the products at the technology exchange have been developed in response to pandemic-related needs from health care organizations.” For example, an indwelling catheter monitoring system that automates urine output monitoring to minimize the number of times a nurse enters a COVID-19 patient's room will be showcased at the Exchange. Another example is transparent surgical masks, which improve patient and provider communication.

Shore up your supply chain resiliency

In addition, new this year is the Made in the USA neighborhood, which will spotlight Vizient-contracted suppliers whose products are made domestically. Though the products don’t qualify as innovative technology, the new addition supports members working to strengthen supply chain resiliency through domestically manufactured products. Made in the USA product categories include anesthesia masks and circuits, IV solutions, hand hygiene, face shields, isolation gowns, stethoscopes, N95s and more. Chat with these contracted suppliers about purchasing their Made in the USA products.

Member feedback shapes future suppliers

During the event, members can provide feedback on the technologies they view. A single-question poll at each product booth allows members to rate their interest in the solution. Following the technology exchange, Vizient’s member-led councils will review the products and member feedback from the event and recommend which ones should be awarded Innovative Technology contracts.

The annual Innovative Technology Exchange is part of Vizient’s Innovative Technology Program, which offers a pathway to a national contract outside of the competitive bid process to supplier companies with health care-related innovations.

Vizient is always on the lookout for the latest technologies and innovative products that can improve clinical care and enhance the business model for members. If you would like to recommend an innovative product for potential addition to Vizient’s contract portfolio, please send the information via email

Published: August 17, 2021