Membership is Latest Step in Support of Supply Assurance

IRVING, Texas, May 5, 2022 – As the nation’s health care providers continue to be impacted by supply chain disruptions, Vizient, Inc. announced today it has joined the Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative, a nonprofit health care supply chain association that champions standards and best practices in supply chain resiliency. The provider-led, supplier-supported organization brings together key stakeholders across health care to align on common solutions to supply disruptions that impact patient care.

Vizient will lend its expertise as the nation’s largest health care performance improvement company to include a focus on resiliency score-carding, data and analytics and sourcing expertise. The HIRC membership is the latest in a series of initiatives Vizient has undertaken to bolster supply assurance across health care.

“A number of recent, global events has created disruption and uncertainty in the health care supply chain, and it demands a collaborative effort among all interested parties to begin to find solutions,” said Margaret Steele, Vizient senior vice president of med surg. “Together with HIRC, we believe we can help reduce the number and impact of supply disruptions on provider services and patient care.”

HIRC’s focus areas include standardizing resiliency key performance indicators; creating a framework to measure resiliency attributes through score-carding; and increasing supply chain visibility for greater continuity of critical supplies. The organization also focuses on risk assessment and increased transparency through data sharing.

“HIRC members share a common cause in supporting supply chain continuity to ensure the delivery of excellent patient care,” said Jesse Schafer, executive director, HIRC. “A transparent and resilient supply chain can be achieved through the cooperative efforts of providers, suppliers and industry partners.  Vizient is helping to drive resiliency by joining the exchange of ideas and best practice.”

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HIRC is the pre-eminent consortium for patient-centric healthcare supply chain resiliency best practice. HIRC’s mission is to increase resiliency of critical healthcare supply chains through industry engagement and collaboration. HIRC’s core values are partnership, communication, and transparency. HIRC is non-competitive, non-exclusive and member driven. Learn more at