Understanding the Risks, Opportunities and Prospects of Biosimilars in 2020 and Beyond

Entering 2020, we have the opportunity to take a moment, look back and reflect on the lessons learned of the previous decade with regard to biosimilars. The road to a successful biosimilars market has been anything but straightforward. More

Proper Weaning Can Prevent Opioid Addiction: 5 Key Takeaways for Change


At a recent business meeting, I had breakfast with a man and we talked about work. When I explained my work on the opioid crisis, he shared his story of struggling to stop taking opioids following a routine joint replacement surgery.


Technology Exchange Promises a Focused Look at Unique Products

Physicians and clinicians are always looking for innovative products and solutions that can help them improve the quality of outcomes and patient experience. From large capital and construction solutions to implantable cardiology and orthopedic devices, the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange offers insight into products that will shape the service lines of tomorrow as well as solve the challenges of today for health systems and clinicians. More