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News Roundup

  • Vizient Tech Watch Lays Out Trends in Diagnostic Imaging Strategy, Reviews Technologies. "...'Health care organizations across the country continue to seek out ways to improve operational and cost efficiencies as well as patient care,' said Vizient’s Rebecca Gayden. 'Insights offered in this volume of Diagnostic Imaging Tech Watch are meant to drive innovation in care delivery and boost safety efforts as technologies advance.'..." More via Vizient newsroom
  • Five practices to evaluate your hospital's laboratory courier capabilities. "...While the current situation for laboratory courier services has been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including staff illness and limited access to facilities, effective courier management means continued responsiveness to the demands of clients, while ensuring the timely, secure, reliable and cost-effective movement of clinical specimens for bioanalytical analyses reported by Vizient in a blog by Walter Valliere." More via Healthcare Purchasing News
  • Hospitals spent more than $1B on remdesivir last year. "...'More and more spend is with the high-cost biologics like Humira, which take fairly routine price increases each year. A smaller group of products account for a greater amount of the spending,' said Vizient’s Steven Lucio, noting that Vizient's member hospitals spent more than $1 billion on Humira last year. 'Once Humira has competition, we would expect a significant decrease in spending.'..." More via Modern Healthcare
  • Vizient’s Byron Jobe named among 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare. Jobe: "Ethics start inside—a belief and a corresponding commitment to do the right thing for individuals and society as a whole. It is the essence of healthcare. From employee to board director, we are responsible for modeling the company's values and demonstrating ethical practices in all aspects of our business.” More via Modern Healthcare
  • Having had enough of the pandemic, hospitals simply want just enough supplies. “Raw materials are stressed due to global demand,” says Vizient’s Margaret Steele. “The cost has increased significantly." More via Healthcare Purchasing News
  • Useful strategies, tactics that may redefine post-pandemic distribution. “We are certainly supportive of increased manufacturing in the U.S.A. However, it isn’t feasible to move all manufacturing to the U.S.A. Additionally, you can’t just move the manufacturing; you would need to source the raw materials and manufacturing equipment locally as well," says Vizient’s Margaret Steele. More via Healthcare Purchasing News
  • Next-generation distribution models must embrace that syncing feeling. Vizient’s Margaret Steele labels the supply chain’s panoramic view as “all problematic” and connects the dots from one hiccup to the next in a butterfly effect that starts with raw materials. More via Healthcare Purchasing News
  • Vizient’s Shaleta Dunn is featured in the annual celebration of women leadership in the supply chain. Featured leaders come from many backgrounds, with many different experiences and mentors. But they share a few things in common: Resiliency. Collaboration. Intentionality. More via The Journal of Healthcare Contracting
  • In 2019, specialty drugs represented just under 2% of the prescriptions, but nearly 40% of spending in the same channels. Today, specialty drug pricing is expected to keep growing by more than 4% in 2022, driven by anticipated approval of new drug therapies, according to a new Vizient Pharmacy Market Outlook. More via Pharmacy Times

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Published: February 24, 2022