News Roundup 

  • Vizient acquires Safe & Reliable Healthcare, creates new streamlined solution for sustained delivery of safe healthcare: Through this acquisition, Vizient has integrated the expertise and offerings of both organizations to create the most comprehensive high reliability offering in the industry, which will continue under the name “Vizient Safe and Reliable Healthcare.” This positions Vizient as the partner of choice in transforming healthcare organizations by eliminating variation while improving quality and culture. Vizient Newsroom 

  • Vizient announces strategic partnership with Mpirik to improve care, health equity in cardiology with help from AI: The agreement with Mpirik, a cloud-based care pathway software company focused on cardiac care, will enable physicians to make more informed decisions on patient care while helping to reduce undertreatment. Vizient Newsroom 

  • Louisiana health system touts provider-owned PPE initiative: SafeSource Direct, a joint venture between Trax Development and Ochsner Health, is Louisiana’s leading integrated healthcare system, which makes it the only U.S. provider-owned PPE manufacturer with U.S. provider-owned quality control. Vizient has partnered with SafeSource Direct to supply nitrile gloves to its thousands of member providers. The Journal of Healthcare Contracting 

  • How hospitals can improve their sustainability, and why they should get moving: The health ecosystem must be built around making the right decisions from an environmental and sustainability perspective, said Simrit Sandhu, Vizient’s executive vice president for strategic transformation and clinical supply solutions, in a sustainability panel at the American Hospital Association Leadership Summit in San Diego on July 19. Chief Healthcare Executive 

  • Can ASCs handle the boom in case volume? ASC surgery volume is projected to grow 25% in the next decade, according to an analysis from Sg2 Healthcare Intelligence, but it's unclear whether ASCs will be able to accommodate these new cases with rising staff and supply costs. Becker’s ASC Review 

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Published: August 18, 2022