Senior Vice President, Member Business Ventures

As senior vice president of member business ventures, McDown has leadership responsibility for the pharmacy program, custom sourcing solutions, support and purchased services, IT and business technology, and supplier/client relations business units.

Prior to his current role, McDown served as vice president of Novation’s custom sourcing solutions where he oversaw the contracting activities for VHA Supply Networks, regional purchasing collaboratives, and integrated delivery networks to help member hospital systems realize more than $500M in savings.

Before joining Novation, McDown served in a number of strategic marketing, operational and business development roles for leading global medical device companies. With significant leadership experience, he has managed a number of business development initiatives and key medical device product launches. He also led the global commercialization of several innovative medical devices within IV therapy, insulin drug delivery and therapeutic support surfaces. In March 2011, Chris received a U.S. Patent for a Safety Needle Assembly that he designed for an insulin delivery device.

McDown holds a master of business administration degree from the University of New Mexico, a bachelor of science degree in health care administration from Idaho State University, and an associate of arts and science degree from Brigham Young University.