The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence in Health Care


Hundreds of companies are developing medical artificial intelligence applications with billions of dollars in venture capital. Adoption is in the early stages; helping physicians with image interpretation and diagnostic support. But make no mistake, AI is poised to transform the health care landscape.  


Stroke Awareness in a COVID-19 World

Fear of the infection has some patients avoiding hospitals altogether, delaying much-needed care just when they might need it the most. Stroke symptoms, for example, if not addressed right away, can lead to catastrophic results. More

Why Now? What’s Changed? What Patients Think About Seeking Health Care Services During COVID

As America begins to open back up for business, many of us are asking why now, what’s changed? We’ve been told for weeks, even months, to stay home. So what’s different? What makes it safe now?  More

5 Key Steps to Prepare Your Hospital for an Emergency

On any given day, hospitals must be prepared to manage whatever emergency situation comes their way. From tornado and earthquake recovery to active shooter situations and cybersecurity threats, regulations and standards are established to cover a wide range of circumstances.  More

Clinical-Supply Integration: What Does It Mean Post-COVID?

Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, how do we incorporate all of the lessons learned? How do we forecast the new normal? What path or template will help health care systems and hospitals sequence decisions and guide change?  More

A Paradox and a Playground: What We Learned From a Virus

Depending on where you grew up, you might refer to the contraption as either a see-saw or a teeter-totter. The ones I knew as a kid were nothing more than a long board fastened at its center to a fulcrum. More

COVID-19 and the ‘Year of the Nurse’

As you may know, the World Health Organization has named 2020 the ‘Year of the Nurse and the Midwife,’ as it is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. What a year to set aside for nurses! More

Keeping Patient Rights Front and Center During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth great uncertainty to many nations around the globe and it is certainly an opportunity to ponder and reflect on the value of life and justice. As our nation adjusts to a new reality, we begin to hear of health care practices and life-or-death decisions once thought unfathomable. More

A Bouncing Ball and Economic Recovery From the Pandemic

In the second half of the 1960s, the same company that brought us the Frisbee and the Hula Hoop introduced a new toy and the simple act of bouncing a ball would never be the same. More

5 Pieces of Folk Wisdom to Help Address COVID-19 Workforce Shortages

The modern world has not encountered a pandemic like COVID-19, which has many organizations scrambling to identify the best way to deal with the massive toll it will inevitably take on the U.S. health care system and its workforce.  More