How to Manage the Ongoing Fragility of the Nuclear Supply Chain

Last week, we received news of an industry-wide shortage on vital radiopharmaceuticals, Tc-99m and Mo-99, due to international reactors being shut down for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. While we believe the shortage will be temporary – leading to supply challenges for the next few weeks – the production of Tc-99m and Mo-99 are currently delayed. More

Understanding the Real Impact of Recent Drug Pricing Announcements

In July, several major pharmaceutical companies responded to President Trump’s call to action to lower drug prices by announcing they would freeze price increases through the end of 2018. While much was made in the media about the effectiveness of the president’s request and the public announcements by some pharmaceutical companies at the time, no one really knew what the real impact would be on the actual cost of medications. More

Making the Case for Biosimilars

I recently had the pleasure and privilege to represent Vizient and present at a public hearing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), focused on removing barriers affecting the uptake of biosimilars, which offer a cost savings for some of the most expensive drugs on the market. Given the steep price for medications in our country, the importance of conversations like this cannot be overstated. More

Recognition is Nice, but Accuracy is Most Important with Biosimilars

It was a pleasant surprise to see not one, but two recent commentaries on the subject of biosimilars in prestigious publications such as the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and the Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO). Given the novelty and complexity of biosimilars, new commentary in highly regarded clinical journals such as these is important to increasing the level of understanding and confidence necessary to boost adoption by clinicians.   More