Why Now? What’s Changed? What Patients Think About Seeking Health Care Services During COVID

As America begins to open back up for business, many of us are asking why now, what’s changed? We’ve been told for weeks, even months, to stay home. So what’s different? What makes it safe now?  More

5 Key Steps to Prepare Your Hospital for an Emergency

On any given day, hospitals must be prepared to manage whatever emergency situation comes their way. From tornado and earthquake recovery to active shooter situations and cybersecurity threats, regulations and standards are established to cover a wide range of circumstances.  More

A Paradox and a Playground: What We Learned From a Virus

Depending on where you grew up, you might refer to the contraption as either a see-saw or a teeter-totter. The ones I knew as a kid were nothing more than a long board fastened at its center to a fulcrum. More

A Bouncing Ball and Economic Recovery From the Pandemic

In the second half of the 1960s, the same company that brought us the Frisbee and the Hula Hoop introduced a new toy and the simple act of bouncing a ball would never be the same. More

5 Pieces of Folk Wisdom to Help Address COVID-19 Workforce Shortages

The modern world has not encountered a pandemic like COVID-19, which has many organizations scrambling to identify the best way to deal with the massive toll it will inevitably take on the U.S. health care system and its workforce.  More

Embracing the Work-From-Home Chaos

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in some form or fashion. From schools, hospitals, health providers and supply chain, to Congress and behind-the-scene workers providing delivery and cleaning services.  More

Into the Line of Fire: Tracing the Footsteps of Heroes

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The dictionary defines a hero as a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. Common synonyms for the adjective heroic are bold, courageous and valiant. More

Drug Importation, eh?

[Full disclosure: your author is a Canadian import] After several months of D.C. chatter and countless state importation bills, FDA recently took two significant regulatory steps to allow for prescription drug importation from Canada. Wait, you thought importation was already happening in Florida? Not quite. More

A Fine Engagement: 4 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Next Consulting Experience

“Lose the ties,” was the first thing the VP (let’s call him Dave) said as he warmly greeted our team. It was not yet 6 in the morning and we had just run (literally) into the lobby after receiving a 5 a.m. text message saying that the presentation would start a full hour earlier.  More

A View From Mauritius: The Prospects for Health Care Disruption

Standing roughly three feet tall and weighing almost 40 pounds, with bright yellow feet and a black, yellow and green beak, the Dodo bird must have been a sight to behold. More