Providing Care – and Gaining Insights – 8,000 Miles Away

Nurses are often said to be at the heart of health care and recently, five other nurses and I went on a medical mission trip to Malawi, which is known as the “The Warm Heart of Africa.” It took five flights and 70 hours to travel the 8,000 miles from my home in North Carolina to reach Malawi. Once we arrived, it was then a two-hour van ride to reach our final destination for our week-long mission. Now that I'm back in the States and looking back on the trip, my heart is full... More

Ebola: What We Learned from 2014

In August 2014, fear struck the globe, when the Ebola epidemic breached the continent of Africa’s borders and reached the United States. While proving to be a formidable opponent, the Ebola crisis was ultimately contained, but not before infecting two unsuspecting health care workers in Texas and claiming the lives of two others; both of whom contracted the virus outside of the U.S. More

Consumers and Providers Deserve a Better Star Rating System. Here’s How.

The Overall Hospital Star Rating system from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is meant to give consumers an easy way to pick the best hospitals for them and their loved ones. Yet, due to the methodology that drives the ratings, consumers don't always have a complete and accurate picture of the quality of care being offered by the more than 4,500 hospitals nationwide noted in the CMS system. More

Bullying in a ‘Caring Profession’: 3 Empowerment Tips to Help New Nurses


It’s no secret: It’s not easy being ‘green’ in the nursing profession. Nurse bullying, particularly against newly licensed registered nurses, happens more often than you may realize. They can experience verbal or emotional mistreatment, ranging from rude comments, yelling or scapegoating to hiding supplies, gossiping or even sabotage.


In the Ever-changing World of Value Analysis, Just How Mature is Your Program?

Just how mature are you? Ask a teenager that question, and you’ll elicit a response that probably borders on premature, with their developing drive toward independence and control. One thing we do know is that during adolescence, we all mature at different rates. But in time, we do mature. We develop processes that help us manage life, set goals and decide when it’s time to take action. More

3 Care Transition Strategies to Improve Patient Outcomes

Providers know that the patient care transition has long been the hinge on which the patient’s outcome swings. They also know there are many points, both on the patient and provider sides of the care transition, which can alter its planned course. With the move to value-based care, health systems are constantly evaluating ways to improve these transitions. More

How to Use Data to Achieve a Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

Clinical-supply integration (CSI) centers on ensuring that supply and device decisions reside with physicians and provides a vehicle to drive out unwarranted clinical variation. To do this, physicians must be informed by verified, accurate data. And, though data alone cannot integrate your supply chain, you cannot clinically integrate your supply chain without it. That’s because it’s the foundation of CSI and also the driver that sustains it. More

Take a Cue from Nursing History

It’s fitting that National Nurses Week ends this year on May 12—the birthday of Florence Nightingale. It brings to mind the powerful words she spoke in 1854 in response to what she saw in the hospital barracks housing the Crimean War’s sick and wounded: “We can do better than this.” As she made her solitary rounds with her little lamp, she saw doctors and caregivers not wash their hands, patients who weren’t helped to eat or get a drink of water, and others... More

Go Ahead, Young Leaders, Show Us What You’ve Got

I recently found myself feeling incredibly energized and inspired. I had hung up the phone after having a consultative conversation with two nursing leaders about a charge nurse leadership program I developed and implemented. Rather than them thanking me for the advice and direction I had provided, I found myself thanking them. They helped me remember my overarching vision for how I hope the work I do, day in and day out, will someday impact the broader vision of developing emotionally healthy... More

Nurses Leading Transformation Efforts in the Ambulatory World

Nurses have always been role models, and we have the numbers to prove it. A recent Gallup poll showed that the American public views nursing as the most ethical profession for the 16th year in a row. That’s because nurses are viewed not only as caregivers, but also as teachers, companions and cheerleaders. More