Clinical performance

  • 06/16/17
    By Robert Dean, DO, MBA, Senior Vice President, Performance Improvement
    We are now at the halfway point of 2017, which is the first performance measurement year for MACRA. Have you selected what performance metrics you will report and what method of reporting you will use? If you haven’t done anything up to this point related to MACRA compliance, do you know what to do in the second half of 2017 to avoid a payment penalty in 2019? more...
  • 05/24/17
    By Margie Gale, MSN, RN, CEAP, Nurse Wellness Specialist and Clinical Counselor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    As someone on the front line of patient care, I know one thing to be absolutely true: left unchecked, the stress nurses face on a daily basis in providing care for others can severely impair their mental and physical well-being.more...

Data and analytics

  • 03/16/17
    By Ellen Flynn, RN, MBA, JD, CPPS, Associate Vice President, Safety and Accreditation
    A key component of the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 was the collection of data related to patient safety events for accountability and learning. Fast forward to 2017 and what we often see are organizations placing all quality and safety data into their Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES), reporting it to the Patient Safety Organization (PSO) and calling it Patient Safety Work Product (PSWP). If only it were that simple.more...
  • 02/03/17
    By Peter Gao, Senior Analyst, Advanced Analytics
    One of the reasons I find health care to be such an exciting field to work in is the vast amount of data it produces and the fact that there’s always a unique set of challenges with each data set. And with each challenge, there’s also an opportunity to engineer process improvements that can save money and maybe even lives.more...

Health care operations

  • 06/06/17
    By Tom Robertson, Executive Director, Vizient Research Institute
    Martin Luther once said, “Every man must do two things alone: he must do his own believing and his own dying.” A number of profound concepts are embedded in that statement, starting with the unavoidable entanglement between beliefs and the process of dying. Also noteworthy is the explicit recognition of dying as a verb and the assertion that it is something that we do rather than something that happens to us.more...
  • 05/25/17
    By Chelsea Arnone, Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations Director
    While we don’t have a crystal ball to see into the regulatory future, we can do a bit of forecasting on what is likely (although, like meteorologists, we know how accurate that can be!). Here in our nation’s capital, we’re looking at plenty of pending and required regulations, with a good chance of additional new rulemaking in the next couple of months.more...


  • 04/25/17
    By Steven Lucio, PharmD, BCPS, Associate Vice President, Pharmacy Services
    The FDA recently achieved two significant firsts in one approval. On April 21, the FDA licensed infliximab-abda (Renflexis; Samsung) for marketing. While this product represents the fifth biosimilar approved in the United States, it is the first one licensed without the FDA conducting an advisory committee hearing prior to final endorsement. It is also the first time that a second biosimilar was approved for the same reference product infliximab (Remicade; Janssen Biotech).more...
  • 04/18/17
    By Steven Lucio, PharmD, BCPS, Associate Vice President, Pharmacy Services
    Given the challenge of achieving agreement on any issue in Washington, D.C., especially on topics involving health care, we should pause and celebrate situations where bipartisan behavior may be taking hold.more...

Supply chain

  • 05/31/17
    By Craig Lukowski, Director, Physician Preference Contract Services
    One thing everyone in health care can agree on is the unprecedented level of uncertainty swirling around our industry. The new administration has promised change for the better, but we don’t yet know what that change will look like or to what extent any new programs will affect the health care modifications already underway. While we wait and speculate, I can pass along some market insights for hospitals, physicians and supply chain leaders on cardiovascular medical devices.more...
  • 05/30/17
    By Serina Seward, Consulting Director
    In the past few months, I have received feedback from numerous hospital supply chain leaders on the topic of consultants. A consistent message I hear is that consultants must demonstrate the right skills to meet the needs of the business and also have the right chemistry to fit in with the member’s culture. It brings to mind the children’s fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks tries the first bed to discover it's too big, then tries the second bed to find out...more...